This pattern makes a really cute hat with a roll up hem that shows the purl side. I sometimes add two braided cords with short tassels at the ends to the top but that's up to you. If you have an LK150 you can probably knit it too, just adjust the tension (try T8 or T9 or whatever works for your machine. Knit one hat check the fit and adjust.) It's quick and easy to make and any beginner can do it (yes, even you!!). Also great for selling on your craft table or at charity sales.

Machine Any chunky 9 mm chunky machine (I knit this on a Brother 260). No ribber is needed.
Size Fits approximately age 10 to adult (depending on yarn)
Materials About 50 - 60 g (2 ozs) of a yarn that knits up nicely at T5 so it great for using up leftovers. I used Berella 4 by Bernat on some of my hats. See note below.
Gauge 16 sts and 28 rows to 10 cm, (4 inch) using MY at T5 but tension is not too critical. If you are not sure that your yarn will make a hat to fit the size you want, quickly knit the brim and about 20 rows after that and then take it off the machine, check the fit and adjust the pattern for your yarn making it bigger or smaller, longer or shorter as required.
Note Berella 4 is now discontinued but to help you with your choice of weight of yarn Berella 4 ball band reads 18 sts and 24 rows to 10 cm or 4 inches. The light multi-coloured hat is made from Bernat Mosaic (ball band reads 18 sts and 24 rows to 10 cm or 4 inches).


Cast on 36 - 0 - 36 sts (72 sts) using e-wrap and T5 leaving a 30 cm, (12 inch) tail at the beginning for sewing up later. (Note: on some hats I did 37-0-37 - adjust according to the pattern (so that it matches) and according to your yarn. )

Push all the needles forward to D - less chance of them popping off.

Knit 21 rows in stocking stitch, more if you fancy it deeper or if you think your yarn is a little thin. Carriage at the left.

At this point you can put a card in - I used a two colour slip stitch pattern. (Brother owners try punchcards 2P,3P, 5P, 7P, or 8P.) Two colour tuck is very nice too or you can knit stripes or just keep it plain or even use one of those wonderful self-patterning yarns available these days..

If you are using a Brother chunky, insert card, close card so it's continuous, lock on row 1, KC, knit 1 row to right. Unlock card, remove main colour and insert 2nd colour. Push in part buttons. Knit 44 rows in two colour slip (two rows one colour and 2 rows contrast) or if you don't want to do that, do plain or whatever you fancy (Tip - I found that 7P looked better with 46 rows and 5P with 48 rows). If you are using a Silver Reed SK155 insert card and lock it. Knit one row to right, unlock the card and begin pattern.

Once your 44 rows are done, transfer every other stitch to needle next to it. Push empty needles to A position. Push remaining needles forward to D position.

T4 Knit 2 rows. T3 Knit 2 rows. T2 Knit 2 rows. T 1 knit 2 rows.


Cut yarn leaving a tail of about 70 cm (30 inches) for sewing up the seam. Thread a large bodkin with this yarn and thread through remaining stitches (put them to D position first). Pull yarn tight and knot. Sew side seam. Don't forget that the inside becomes the outside just below the start of the pattern (at the curl of the brim). I used the starting tail of yarn to sew up the brim using mattress stitch on the purl side. This gives a join that is hardly visible.

Here's how I made the tassels.......just suggestions.....this hat is fine without any tassels.....or do your own thing, be creative, beads maybe?.


1. Braided. Take six or nine, 51 cm (20 inch) lengths of the yarn used to make the hat. Tie overhand knot 3 cm (1 1/2 inch) in from the end and braid together from that point. Tie another knot 3 cm (1 1/2 inches) from opposite end. Fold in two and insert the fold through the small opening at the top of the hat. Attach on the inside with yarn. Trim knotted ends on outside.

2. Crochet. Take three to six, 51 cm (30 inch) lengths of the yarn used to make the hat. Use large crochet hook to chain stitch the yarn, starting 3 cm (1 1/2 inches) from the end. Insert into hat.

3. Knotted. Take six, 51 cm (30 inch) lengths of the yarn used to make the hat. Divide in two and knot continually (left over right, right over left). Insert into hat.

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