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Please note: I'm not a dealer of knitting machines just a knitaholic!

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Magazines for Sale - Knitwords - Manuals - Magazines - MKNews magazines
Looking for knitting machine magazines? Then consider subscribing to the UK's Machine Knit Monthly. We've lost so many machine knit magazines over the years but this one is still going and is packed with great new pattern ideas, features on different stitches, basic instruction to help you be successful, letters, reviews on related books and much more. It is one of the UK's favourite machine knitting magazines. Check out the website at:- http://www.machineknittingmonthly.net/

Studio Knitting machines- approximate age for your machine and accessories Studio machines by number- this helps you find out what fits on your machine - some links to photos
Studio ribbers by number - and which machines they fit Studio accessories by number- and what machines they work with

Studio replacement needles- wondering what needles fit your machine?

Looking for a INSTRUCTION MANUAL for your knitting machine? You can find a few hints here. Yahoo Groups are shutting down - but here's where to find some machine knitting groups
Secondhand machines and accessories for sale or wanted . This area now incorporates "The Canadian Machine Knit Resources" page for items for sale and wanted. Sheila Bossert who kindly kept up that website for years, no longer has a web site. I've offered to take it over so if you have something for sale or need something, e-mail me and I'll pop it on this page.
Knitting Machine Museum - if you are interested in all things to do with knitting machines you should check out this web site run by Maggi. Lots of photos of vintage and newer machines and information on each machine.

Looking for a dealer near you in Canada? Check out The Canadian Machine Knitting Resource which is now on this site (see note above). Clubs, dealers, seminars, and for sale & wanted.

If you are in the U.S. and need to find a dealer check out this site.

If you are in the U.S Northwest and need your knitting machine repaired check out Needle Tek and also HV Crafts in Surrey, BC, Phone is 604-581-1085 or email them.

If you are in the UK
check out the Silver Viscount web site at www.silverknitting.co.uk. You can use their web site to find a stockist near you. If you are looking for yarn and books check out https://www.bsk.co.uk/ Also Metropolitan Machine Knitting has an online store so check that out especially if you want to learn how to use your machine.

If you have a plastic bed machine like the
Studio LK150 and need patterns check out Irene Wood's site at Clearwater Knits. Plus she has a great tutorial on using your knit contour (which you should be using by the way!).

Looking for similar information charts on
Brother Machines, including garter carriages and which machines they fit? Then check out the great pages at Lora Kinnan's "Daisy Knits" site. The Daisy Knits site disappeared but Phillipa found it on the way back machine, so here's the link (thanks Phillipa)



There was a great
Passap site in the U.K., done by Woolleys but it has disappeared and has been taken over by one of those annoying, go nowhere, search pages, that just waste our time! It did have the history of Passap machines, a wonderful chart for Duo 80 owners that gives the E6000 machine techniques to help you in following those E6000 patterns, a "find a part number" spot and other goodies. Needles of Steel has managed to retrieve the information and you can find it at http://www.needlesofsteel.org.uk/woolleys.html

Needles of Steel is by the way a fantastic site full of free patterns and information on machine knitting - you have to check it out. Go to www.needlesofsteel.org.uk

Got a Superba and wish you could find more information on it? Patrick Madden's wonderful blog is at http://www.superbaknitting.com/. Also check out http://www.myrocks.com/index.htm if you are in Europe. If you need parts for your machine check with Peter Smith at Passap Canada. There was a great Yahoo Group on Yahoo but Yahoo Groups are gone. I own a Superba 1502 and I am really impressed with this machine - you can see a couple of photos of my machine here and some of a Singer/Superba 1602 here and also a couple of photos of an older Singer/Superba (possibly called a Chantelaine) .

If you are looking for
software for your computer to design garment patterns or punchcard patterns, then there's a few you can check out: Garment Styler by Cochenille, Design-a-Pattern, and of course the biggie, Designaknit. And, for a small yearly fee you can access a pattern generator done by the Lucia Liljegren otherwise known as the Knitting Fiend. If you have a Silver Reed/Studio/Knitmaster electronic machine there is SilverKnit. Here's a link to a leaflet that gives you more information. I love Icelandic sweaters, the kind with the circular yoke usually made with Lopi yarn and if you do too, check out this free pattern generator at Knittingpatterns.is It's really great!

Also check out
www.knitic.com - it's a fascinating site showing new open hardware for Brother knitting machines (KH930 and KH940) which controls the knitting machine via Arduino. Knitic is the new "brain" of the knitting machine which allows real time control over the needles. Well worth looking at. Also more here

If you are looking for punchcard patterns I have a page devoted to free ones. Also Linda Jackson has beautiful charted design collections for machine knitting, handknitting and needlework at www.artika.co.uk. Wendy Phillips (UK designer) has lots of great books of punchcard designs. I can't find a web site for her but her booklets are available in lots of places on the internet.

Web pages about machine knitting and hand knitting that I find interesting.

BALLISTOL OIL - if you are in BC and looking for this oil for your machines (particularly the Passap machines) you can find this in Vancouver at Reliable Gun, 3227 Fraser Street, Vancouver, BC V5V 4B8, Phone:- 604-874-4710. They have it in different sizes. https://www.reliablegun.com/en/

- just a few photos of things I have made....Page 1, Page 2,

Free Patterns for the Standard Machine - 4.5 mm

(Please feel free to copy any of the patterns, whether for the 4.5mm or the 6.5mm or the chunky machine, for your own personal use, but if you sell the result for profit, please acknowledge the source of the design. Thanks.)

Asymmetrical Poncho Wrap one size, easy to knit, no ribber needed
Dishcloth done in tuck stitch
Fingerless Mitts in Sock Yarn Just one size for women. Ribber required. (photo) New
Lace Boot Toppers or Cuffs Lace carriage required and ribber (photo) New
Circular Socks in Patons 3 ply Kroy ribber required - mens or ladies (photo)
Circular Socks in Red Heart Heart & Sole ribber required - ladies size 9
Headbands or ear warmers two sizes - good for beginners and for using up small amounts of yarn. Also garter bar practise for those with a little more experience. (photo)
Toques ex-small, small, medium and large - no ribber needed, sewn together on the sewing machine. Great for beginners as there is no shaping or casting off involved. Good practise for stopping and starting punchcards. (photo)
Double layer mittens two sizes - for the little more experienced (updated with more photos - Feb/2016)
Scarf easy project for beginners
Ponytail Hat and Scarf Set to fit age 10 and up - opening for pony tail (updated with photos Dec/2016)
Baby's Raglan sleeve cardigan newborn and 3 month size (photo)
Ladies Acrylic Boucle Top a little hand manipulated lace or make it plain
Ladies Oversize Vest in Newry or 4 ply (photo)

Free Patterns for the LK150 - 6.5 mid-gauge (also don't forget to check out Clearwater Knits)

Knit Roses Easy to knit roses to add to your sweater or home accessory
Hat with roll up brim Simple enough for a beginner

Free Patterns for the Chunky Machine - 9 mm

Chunky Boot Cuff or Toppers ribber needed (photos)
Chunky Boot Cuff or Toppers in two by two rib ribber needed (photo) New
Chunky Earflap Hat no ribber needed (photos)
Chunky Throw tuck and lace (photo)
Golf Club Covers ribber needed (photo)
Dishcloth done in tuck stitch (photo) you will need to refresh
Hat with roll up brim simple enough for a beginner (photo)
Boy's Vest V-neck - designed for SK150/1 (photo)
Cable Vest - Ladies no punchcard needed (photo)
Lace Vest - Ladies handtooled lace (photo)
Tuck Stitch Boat Neck Sweater - Ladies punchcard machine (photo)
Smocked Pearl Batwing Sweater - Ladies ribber needed (photo)
Shadow Pleated Teacosy any chunky - no ribber needed (photo)
Golf Club Covers ribber would be handy

Free handknit pattern

Fingerless Mitts in Patons Decor K1, P1 rib using 4 double pointed needles (photo)

Help Sheets - for beginners - written with Studio/Silver Reed steel-bed punchcard machines in mind.

Abbreviations cheatsheet cut and sew necklines decreasing
garter bar increasing no ribber hems punchcard/drawing
punching a card punchcard placement quick crew neck two colour/fairisle
weaving cast on  Problems and how to fix them    
 Studio 580 PE1 Quick Reference sheets - formatted to print as 4 pgs How to make a low cost knitting machine table     

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