Chunky throw

by Roni Knutson

(scroll down to see this afghan in a different colour)


A little while ago I was trying to design a "fake" feather and fan pattern that would be quick to knit on the bulky...this is what I came up with. The yarn was odds and ends left over from various projects. Mostly shades of off-white, some fluffy, some shiny, some matte, all slightly different weights, with a chocolate brown shiny yarn for the one row of contrast between different yarns. I used a Brother 260 at T 8.2, casting on 55-0-55 sts with a latch tool cast on in off-white (make sure it's not too tight).

Pattern Rating Fairly simple
Machine Suitable for a chunky 9 mm machine. I knit mine on a Brother KH260
Materials Any suitable chunky yarns. I used various off-white yarns for the main yarn and chocolate brown shiny yarn for contrast.
Tension I used tension 8.2 on my machine, that's what worked for my yarns. Your tension will depend on the yarns you choose.
Note Size of the throw will vary according to the yarns and tensions you use.


Tension 8.2 (or whatever works for you). Using off-white cast on 55-0-55 with a latch tool (make sure it's not too tight).

Knit 1 row. Latch tool cast on again this time between bed and sts in chocolate brown or contrast yarn and knit one row in off-white. Starting at left - push every 12th needle to Hold, set carriage to hold. Tuck for five rows. Knit 1 row to right, CAR.

Pattern sequence as follows

1 row chocolate contrast yarn (omit this on first sequence). Cut yarn.

Knit 1 row off-white. Starting 6 needles from the left, move every 12th st to needle beside it. Leave empty needles in working position (this is 1st row of lace). Knit 2 rows.

Transfer 1st to right of last hole and one to L of last hole to the needle beside them (you're making a V lace design). Knit 2 rows.

Transfer 1st to right of last hole on R and lst to L of last hole on L. Also, between the lace bring 3 alternate needles to Hold (not a needle with 2 sts on it). Carriage to Hold.

Tuck 4 rows (you will need to use the claw weights to stop the work rising up and popping off the needles)

Knit 1 row, cut yarn. Repeat the sequence until you have the throw as long as you want it. I did 30 repeats.

Finish Off

After last sequence (do not do a row of contrast), Knit 1 row. Set carriage to Hold. Starting at L push 6th and every following 12th needle to Hold. Tuck 5 rows. Knit 1 row. Do a latch tool cast on in chocolate brown/contrast (between bed and knitting). Knit 2 rows and latch off. (355 rows).


For the edging, I did two rows of single crochet, then I kind of made up my own pattern as I went along. It took me more time to crochet the edging than it did to knit it (grin).

Sara Gadd sent me a photo of the afghan that she knit from this pattern. This gives you an idea of how different and interesting it can look in another colouration. She says that once you got the hang of it the pattern went pretty quickly. She tried to do a few sections a day so it wouldn't hang around for ever and she found that it made a big dent in her stash! Thank you Sara.

Copyright©rvk February 2004