Machine Any 9 mm chunky machine. I used a Brother KH260. No ribber needed but you will need a crochet hook - about 3.5 mm.
Size To fit average 6 cupper teapot
Yarn and Tension Worsted weight (originally made in Super Yarn - now discontinued) about 20 sts to 4 inches or 10 cm (this is without any weights except for two claw weights). Adjust tension as needed. Also, oddments of 2/16 (2 strands used together) or any 4 ply. My tea cosy weighed 3 1/2 ozs when finished.
Note If you are using totally different yarn - quickly knit 48 rows in pattern - take off machine and check it against your teapot, then adjust

Before starting to knit, cut 2 lengths of 2/16 (2 strands) or 4 ply, at least a metre long, to be used later for openings. Put to one side. Top of teacosy will be at left when on the machine, bottom at right. Purl side will be the right side.

CAR Cast on 20-0-20 sts at tension 0.2 (I usually do a latch tool cast on) with 4 ply or two strands of 2/16 and knit 6 rows

CAR. Make eyelet hole over 7th st from left edge (drawstring hole) return empty needle into working position. Change to thicker yarn and knit 10 rows at T3. Make eyelet hole over 7th st from left edge as before.

Use claw weights at each side and repeat these 16 rows until you have 48 rows, being careful to pull thicker yarn up at beginning row of each 10 rows so as to lessen the strand at the right. Do not pull up thin yarn.


Knit 3 rows in 2/16 or 4 ply (Row 51). Push to D, needles 1 to 16 R of 0. Using the latch tool method - cast off these 16 needles with one of the 2 lengths of thinner yarn that were put aside. Once cast off, carefully lift off the sinker posts and still using the latch tool do a chain cast on over the empty needles. Knit 3 rows in thinner yarn (Row 54). Continue on as before doing 10 rows in the thick yarn and 6 rows in the thin yarn and remembering to make a eyelet hole over the 7th needle when changing colours. Row 195 (after 3rd row in thinner yarn - 9 ridges in thick yarn done) make spout opening as before only over needles 3 to 16 R of 0 (14 needles). Continue knitting to Row 288.

You should have 18 stripes in thick yarn, 18 in thin yarn.

Pick up sts from Row 1 and place on needles. Knit 1 row and latch off. Holding stripes horizontally - tug both ends of each individual thick stripe to accentuate the ridges.


Using thicker yarn, slip st around base of teacosy to pull it in as follows: 5 slip sts in thicker yarn ridge (catching in strand of thinner yarn by going under each strand on one st and over each strand on next st.) do not do any slip sts on thinner yarn stripe. Using thicker yarn crochet a chain long enough to slip through eyelet holes at top, being careful to go under each thick stripe, and tie in a bow. Using a bodkin weave yarn ends up into the chain. You could also crochet little round bobbles for the ends or attach a bead to each end. It's up to you.

Put the kettle on for a cuppa ...... ;)

This pattern was first published in The Carriage Trade, Issue #43, June 1992

Copyright©rvk June 1992