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updated January 7, 2022 - there's a mega amount of punchcard patterns at this site

The Machine Knitter's Treasure Chest - click on link to left for lots of free punchcard patterns on this page, including dogs, buildings, hearts, car and lorry (English for truck ;)), stars, alphabets, cats, geometrics and more!!! Also you will find links to free patterns, intarsia charts, standard cards, free techniques, links to videos etc. A wealth of information. - Jessica has a really nice site that you will want to visit - lots of Design-a-Knit motifs. Take a look at the dolls too.


Skier and trees

Scottie dog






Sewing Machine

Christmas Lamp

Electronic (larger than 24 sts wide

Beaver (30 x 30)

These are just a few I designed myself

updated Jan 7, 2022

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