DISHCLOTHS or WASHCLOTHS whichever you prefer ;))


Card No. 8 from the Brother KH260 pack that comes with the machine - purl side showing

Card No.1 purl side showing

Bottom left and top right in this image are made from Elmore-Pisgah Inc 4/4 100% cotton (Peppercorn Ombre at the left and Daisy Ombre at the top right). I knit the Peppercorn at T5.1 but the tension for the daisy had to be increased to T6. All made from card No.1. Bottom two dishcloths show the knit side of the tuck. Made August 2010.

Yarn: Emore-Pisgah Inc 4/4 100% cotton or similar cotton (I sometimes buy cotton on cone from Wal-mart)
Machine: KH 260 Brother chunky (9mm) or Studio/Silver Reed SK155 - you will need a garter bar as well (standard is fine - that's what I use)
Tension: T5.1 on my machine (sometimes more depending on the yarn - be prepared to change the tension if needed.

Carriage at the right

Latch tool cast on (crochet cast on) over 15-0-15

Put in Card #1 or #8 or whichever you fancy and lock (you will find that some work better than others)

Don't bother with the row counter yet.

Knit 2 rows and take yarn out of the machine and set the machine to Hold so that needles in D won't knit.

Push needles to D (stitches go behind the latches)

Turn work with your garter bar (if you don't have a garter bar for the chunky machine just use the one for the standard machine if you have it. It works fine on every other slot)

Move carriage to the left and put the yarn back in and reset the machine to knit.

Knit 2 rows and turn with a garter bar again

If you have a standard lace carriage you can use two of the weights from there as they are just the right size to fit across the dishcloth with a claw weight in the middle where they meet. If not use whatever weights you have on hand that will weigh the work evenly across.

If you have the Brother chunky you put the dial to KC and knit across to left to select needles, then push in both tuck buttons and unlock the card.

If you have a Studio/Silver Reed SK155 set for tuck and unlock the card.


Knit 58 rows in pattern (58 rows in Sugar and Cream or Bernats or Emore-Pisgah gives a square dishcloth) (adjust sts and rows to suit your taste)

Lock card - Selector to N for the Brother, back to stocking stitch for the Studio/Silver Reed.

Knit 1 row

Turn with the garter bar

Knit 2 rows

Turn with the garter bar

Knit 2 rows

Latch tool cast off.

Standard Machine (4.5 mm) (I knit mine on a Studio 580 electronic)

I used leftover crochet cotton for my dishcloths. In particular South Maid, 100% Mercerized Cotton (economy ball) and I found that T7 was perfect.

Cast on 35 - 0 - 35 with a crochet cast on (remember not to get it too tight!)

Knit 2 rows of stocking stitch and set machine for pattern. I used Card #1, Pattern 5 on my Studio 580 electronic, and tuck stitch. On the Studio SK360 card 7A is the same or use card #1 and put on the double length lever. (If you have an SK700 or an older punchcard you should have a similar card for card #1. Just look for the card that has a oxoxoxoxo across the first row and every row thereafter, with the holes alternating on each row - put that card in and use the double length lever.)

RC000. Knit 2 rows in the tuck stitch pattern and then stop and hang claw weights evenly across the row. (I have more than one machine so I was able to hang 6 claw weights. If you have a lace carriage you might try those weights.) Knit until you have 150 rows. Cancel pattern and knit 2 rows of stocking stitch. Cast off. And that's it. Makes approximately a 12 inch by 12 inch square.