LADIES LACE VEST by Roni Knutson

Machine Studio/Silver Reed 155 or knit by hand
Size 36" to 38" (Finished measurement 40 3/4", ribbing 2" deep, 11 inches from ribbing to underam, 8 inches from ribbing to top of garment)
Yarn I used 6 balls of 100% Norwegian

wool by Jubilee, but you can

use any yarn that gives the same

Gauge 6 sts and 9 rows to 2 inches at T10
Back and Front Alike
Cast on 61 sts in Kl, Pl rib, Rib l0 rows on Tension 8. Transfer stitches on ribber to main bed. RC 000. Stitch tension to l0. Work 11" (50 rows) in pattern * as follows:-

ROW 1 - Starting at right hand side of work use single transfer tool to transfer 2nd stitch to third needle and 6th stitch to fifth needle. Then transfer 8th stitch to ninth needle and 12th stitch to eleventh needle. Continue across work repeating this pattern (* see diagram below). Knit one row.

ROW 2 - Knit one row.

ROW 3 - Starting at right hand side of work use single transfer tool to transfer 3rd stitch to fourth needle and 5th stitch to fourth needle. Then transfer 9th stitch to tenth needle and 11th stitch to tenth needle. Continue across work. Knit one row.

ROW 4 - Knit one row.

CONTINUE these four rows until row counter shows 50 rows. Cast on 4 sts at beginning of next 2 rows. Maintain these 4 sts at each side in garter stitch by turning them with a tappet tool on alternate rows. Continue in pattern until sleeves measure 8" (36 rows)(86 rows in all). Knit 5 rows plain - turning every alternate row with garter bar or by hand to garter stitch. Cast off.


Check ball band for pressing instructions. Join shoulders leaving 28 cm open at centre. Join side seams to start of garter stitch borders.

* By hand pattern reads:-

1st Row - Kl(yf, sl 1, Kl, psso, Kl, K2 tog., yf, Kl) to end. 2nd Row - Purl

3rd Row - K2, (yf, sl l, K2 tog., psso, yf, K3) to end. 4th Row - Purl

This pattern was first published in The Carriage Trade, Issue #29, December 1988

Copyright©rvk Dec 1988