Sources for Studio Knitting Machine Manuals (and some info on Brother and Passap machines too)

If you have lost your manual or bought a machine without a manual here are a few places to look for them. (Actually, older machines often had only one manual and newer machines have an operational manual and a knitting manual, so sometimes you are looking for one and sometimes for two. Ribbers have one manual.) If the machine is newer try a dealer or distributor. If it's older 301, 303, 313 etc., then you will probably have trouble buying an original manual and will have to settle for a photocopy.

There is, of course, Ebay, but there is also a couple of Yahoo Groups that you can join. "knitting-forsale", "knittingmachines", "Singer360-700" and "SingerStudioMachineKnitters" Or if you are in the UK you could join "ukmachineknittingmeetingroom"

Once you are a member you can post an e-mail saying that you need to buy a manual or if the machine is really old you'd be glad of a photocopy (paying all costs naturally).

Here's some more places to check:-

Manuals I have available for download

Right click to download

LK100 manual

SK105 manual

White "Magic Knitter" S9

Needle Selector LS6/LS9

Intarsia Carriage AG10

On the Web

Terri Doane has manuals and pattern cards up at this Photobucket site Here's what she has:-


SK302 - 303 Pattern cards

SK303 Manual

SK360 Operator manual, knitting manual and pattern manual

Singer Chatelaine DB manual

AG20 Intarsia Carriage instructions

AW1 Weaving Arm instructions

KR10 instructions

Rib Transfer carriage RT1 instructions

She also has Superba patterns, sock patterns and vintage machine knit patterns and much more.

In Canada

Check for a dealer near you at

Studio machines (Canadian Distributor) -

In the U.K

Check out this site for manuals for sale

For Passap Machines

In Canada:-

Yahoo Groups to join:- "passap-forsale", "PASSAPknits"

Any more suggestions?? Contact me

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