Roni Knutson's - Studio/Silver Reed machine list, by number - updated Feb 9,22

Please note this list is for information only - please get in touch with a dealer in your area if you wish to buy a knitting machine.

Please note: Silver Reed machines were also imported into Canada under the "Singer" name, so if you have a Singer machine the information for the model number will be the same, plus Studio parts and accessories will fit. (Not to be confused with the Singer/Superba/White machine that is a true double bed.) In Britain Silver Reed machines were imported under the name of "Knitmaster".

This list is a bit tight for space, so keep in mind 4.5 mm is standard (fine), 6.5 mm is mid-gauge, 9 mm chunky (thicker yarns). Some people have been kind enough to send me photos of their older machines so some machine numbers have links to photos of the machine. This is for information only - these machines are not for sale. If you can send me photos of a machine that I don't presently have photos of, I'd appreciate it and so would countless others who are exploring the world of knitting machines.

Model # Description Gauge Ribbers and accessories
SK6 Sttel bed/180 needles 4.5 Also called the Knittin Kitten and Studio Girl
SK 7 Steel bed/200 needles/very basic 4.5?5.0? Also called the Knittin Kitten (1959)
SK 8 Steel bed/200 needles  4.5mm Came out in 1960, manual patt. selection
SK10 metal bed 4.5mm Approximately 1960
MK70 Plastic bed/Punchcard (18) /foldaway/160 ndls 6 mm SC7, KR6/7 
HK100 Plastic bed/120 needles 8.0 no ribber, manual patt. selection
LK100 Plastic bed/chunky/90 needles 9.0 no ribber, man. patt. sel., LW1, AG10, KR10
SK101 Came out approx. 1962 - please e-mail me if you have  any information on it
SK102 Steel bed/200 needles/ 4.5mm Came out approx. 1962/3
SK 103 Steel bed/200 needles/ 4.5mm Manual needle selection for pattern using needle selector tool. Came on market approx. 1963
SK 105 Steel bed/ 200 needles/approx. 1965  4.5mm manual needle selection for pattern using needle selector tool. Ribber was made (carr. operated independently of main bed carriage).
SK 106 Steel bed/200 needles 4.5 mm very similar to SK105
SK120 Steel bed/chunky "Bulky Eight" /100 8.0 SR120, weaving attachment, intarsia carriage AG1, and drive knit accessory.
SK121 Steel bed - 98 needles - came out approx. 1984  11mm no automatic patterning mechanism (knit-in pattern knob)
LK140 Plastic bed/mid-gauge/140 needles 6.5 no ribber, AG10, LW1, KR10, manual pattern selection
LK150 Plastic bed/mid-gauge/150 needles 6.5 no ribber, AG10, LW1, LS6, KR10/11, FC6
SK150/1 Steel bed/chunky/110 needles/intarsia 9.0 SR150, KR6/7/10/11*, PS150, HW1
SK155 Steel bed/PC(12)chunky/110 ndls 9.0 SR155, KR6/7/10/11*, AG30, AG155
SK160 Steel bed/mid-gauge/150 needles 6.5 Built-in intarsia, plating and slip. Upgradable to SK860
HK160 Plastic bed/Punchcard (18)/160 ndls 6 mm SC7, KR6/7 (same machine as MK70 but not foldable)
SK210 Steel bed punchcard (24) 200 ndls/ no radar 4.5 SRP60N, SRJ70, KR6/7/10/11*, LC2, AG20, YC6, AW1, RT1, SC3,
SK260 Steel bed PC(24)no radar/200 ndls/standard 4.5 SRP20/50/60N, YC5/6, LC2/260/360, AG20, KR6/7/10, AW1, RT1, SC3
F270 Steel bed/punchcard (30) fine knitter/no radar/ 250 needles 3.6 FRP70, FRJ80, FLC270, AG20*, YC5/6*, KR6/7/11*, AW1*
SK280 Steel bed/PC (24)no radar/200ndls 4.5 SRP20/50/60/60N, SRJ70, LC2, YC5/6, KR6/7/11*, SC3, AG20, RT1, AW1
SK 301 Steel bed/ approx. 1960 - 4.5 mm? SR301 ribber, pattern cards (not punchcards)
SK302 Steel bed - came out approx. 1960 4.5 mm Pattern cards (not punchcards) used with dials. Ribber was available to match.
SK 303 Steel bed - 200 ndls/ (1967 approximately) 4.5mm no radar or contour. Patterns can be made using dial incl. knit-in(two-colour). 8 to 12 st repeat poss. (not punchcards) Ribber was available
SK305 Steel bed - no punchcard   Came out 1967 - 70 - radar - patterns made using dial (came with instruction cards for patterns)
SK 310 Steel bed - patterning by selector   Came out 1967 - 70 - no info
SK 312 Steel bed/punchcard (24)200 ndls  4.5 Came out 1969 - two colour knit-in possible - one colour at a time with manual colour change
SK 313 Steel bed - first punchcard (24) standard 4.5  
SK315 Steel bed/punchcard (24) 200 ndls 4.5 SR10
SK321 Steel bed/punchcard (24) 200 ndls 4.5 SRN321, SRP20/50/60N, YC5/6, AG20, KR6/7/10, RT1, SC1
SK322 Steel bed/punchcard (24) 200 ndls/standard 4.5 SRP20/50/60N, YC5/6, AG20, RT1, SC1
SK323 Steel bed/punchcard (24) 200 ndls/standard 4.5 SRP20/50/60N, YC5/6, AG20, KR6/7/10, RT1, SC1
SK324 Steel bed/punchcard(24)200 ndls/standard 4.5 SRP20/50/60N, YC5/6, AG20, KR6/7/10, RT1, SC1
SK326 Steel bed/PC(24)radar/200 ndls/standard 4.5 SRP20/50/60N, YC5/6, AG20, AW1, RT1, SC1 
SK327 Steel bed PC(24)/radar/200 ndls/standard 4.5 SRP20/50/60N, YC5/6, AG20, AW1, RT1, SC1 
SK328 Steel bed/PC(24)/radar/200 ndls/standard 4.5 SRP20/50/60N, YC5/6, AG20, AW1, RT1, SC1
SK329 Steel bed/punchcard(24)/200 ndls/standard 4.5 SRP20/50/60N, YC5/6, AG20, KR6/7/10, AW1, RT1, SC1 
SK360 Steel bed/PC(24)/radar/200 ndls/standard 4.5 SRP20/50/60N, YC 5/6, LC2/260/360, AG20, AW1, RT1 SC3
F370 Steel bed/PC(30)/fine knitter/radar/250ndls 3.6 FRP70, FRJ80, FLC370,YC5/6*, AG20*, AW1*
SK500 Steel bed/electronic patt./radar/200 ndls 4.5 SRP20/50/60N, YC5/6, AG 20, RT 1, SC1, AW1
SK 502 Steel bed/200 needles/electronic? 4.5 machine - came out 1965 approx.
SK 503 Please e-mail me if you have any information on this machine - came out 1967 approx.
SK550 Steel bed/electronic patt./no radar/200 ndls 4.5 Similar to SK560
SK560 Steel bed/electronic patt./radar/200 ndls 4.5 SRP20/50/60/60N, YC5/6, LC 560, AG20, AW1, RT1, SC3
SK580 Steel bed/electronic patt/200 ndls/standard 4.5 SRP20/50/60/60N, SRJ 70, PE1, YC5/6, LC580, KR6/7/10/11, AW1, RT1, SC3, AG20/50(PE 1 required)
SK600 Steel bed/PC(24)/no radar 200 ndls/standard 4.5 similar to 700
SK700 Steel bed/PC(24)/radar/intarsia/200 ndls 4.5 SRP20/50/60/60N, YC5/6, LC2, AW1, RT1, SC3
SK740 Steel bed/PC(24)radar/200 ndls/standard 4.5 SRP20/50/60/60N, SRJ70, YC5/6, LC2, AG20, AW1, RT1, SC3
SK810 Steel bed/no punchcard/needle selector for pattern/standard 4.5 Came out about 1972 - if you have any info please e-mail me.
SK830 Steel bed/modular system/electronic patt. with EC1/fine knitter/250 ndls 3.6 FRP70, FRJ80, EC1, PE1, LC580*,AG20*, YC6*, KR6/7/10/11
SK840 Steel bed/modular system/electronic patt.with EC1 /200 ndls/standard 4.5 SRP60N, SRJ70, EC1, PE1, YC6, LC580, AG20/50 (PE1 req.), KR6/7/10/11, AW1, RT1, SC3
SK860 Steel bed/mid-gauge/modular system electronic patt. with EC1 /150 ndls 6.5 SR860, EC1, PE1, AG40, KR6/7/10/11, AG155
SK890 Steel bed/chunky/modular system electronic patt. with EC1 /110 nds 9.0 SR155, EC1, PE1, AG155, AG30, KR6/7/10/11
Note: Numbers in brackets behind the word "punchcard" show size of pattern repeat. e.g., (24) is a 24 st punchcard. Electronic machines take mylars with a design area of 60 sts and 150 rows which is expanded with the use of the PE1 (except the SK560). Designs can be as large as 200 sts and 1,000 rows.

Items marked with a * require parts exchange. e.g., the AG20 fits on the 4.5 machines but can fit the fine kntter if fabric gears are changed. Same applies for the AW1. LC580 lace carriage can be adapted to work on the SK830 fine knitter: gears need changing and electronics need retiming by a qualified technician. This has been confirmed by Silver Knitting in England (many thanks to Anne-Grethe for this information).

The YC6 may be used double bed on the 3.6 machine: single bed only if the fabric gears on the carriage arm are changed.

Special row counter is required for KR11 use with some machines (RC - 15L with the LK100/140 and RC - 15K with the SK155/151/280/270).

Whilst I have tried to be as accurate as possible, I have not always had the information needed on certain machines, so those spots have been left blank. If you notice any errors or omissions and you have the correct information to be filled in, please e-mail me with that information.

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