Golf Club Covers - chunky

by Roni Knutson


Machine Chunky (9mm) I did these on a Brother 260
Size Do one, check size on clubs to be sure it fits and adjust if necessary. I used T4/4 for the rib and T9 for the rest
Material Bouquet Chunky Spun (50 gram balls) by Sprinrite Yarns, Listowel, Ontario, Canada. (4 balls). (You probably don't have this yarn in your stash so here's the tension on the ball wrapper: 7sts and 11 rows to 2 inches using 6 mm needles)

Cast on 15-0-15 for 1 x 1 rib. Do 2 circular rows only after zigzag row and weights.

T4/4 Knit 24 rows in 1 x 1 rib in main colour. Knit 2 rows in contrast, then 4 rows in main colour

Transfer ribber sts to main bed and increase evenly across the work to 20-0-20. I moved the sts out on the 3 prong tool for this, ending up with 3 sts, a space, 3 sts etc., this covered 20-0-19, add 1 more st to make it up to 20-0-20. I left the empty needles, now in working position, empty (I didn't pick up the heel of the stitch to one side). This creates holes in the work but they look nice if spaced evenly as above.

RC000 T9 Knit 4 or 6 rows and start the pattern. My pattern was 12 rows long so I knit 6 rows and then did the pattern. Brother machines:- insert card 9P (or whatever card you fancy) and lock on Row 9 (o). Knit one row to left. Turn knob on carriage to KC and knit to right (needles selected). Push upper MC button in, insert contrast yarn. Set lock to "triangle". Studio machines:- insert your card a couple of rows before you need it. Lock on row 1 (or row wanted) to memorize. On first pattern row, unlock card, set to fairisle and insert contrast yarn.

Pattern finished on mine at Row 18 so I knit two plain rows to RC 20.

Decreasing at top:- Transfer alternate sts to needle adjacent. Leave empty needles out of work. T7 knit 2 rows. T5 knit 2 rows. Leaving about a 1 yard tail, cut the yarn and thread onto a bodkin. Insert bodkin in sts one by one and take off machine. Pull the yarn tight and secure with a few stitches. Using appropriate size crochet hook sew the side seam up (or use the bodkin or whatever you prefer to sew it up.) Weave in all the ends.

Here's the rib sequence for the stripes on the rest of the clubs

  Rib MC Contrast MC C MC C MC C MC C  
#2 golf club 20 2 2 2 4            
#3 golf club 16 2 2 2 2 2 4        
#4 golf club 12 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 4    
#5 golf club 8 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 4

Make pompoms for each cover (I used the yellow set from Inox Pompom set (Art 8/90) if you have it). Crochet 75 st chain in contrast between covers. And that's it.

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